Rietveld price 2020 Winner
Annebregje Snijders
Dec 15, 2020

The subtle but powerful design by architect Annebregje Snijders for the bus station in Leidsche Rijn was declared winner of the Rietveld Prize 2020. According to the jury - in addition to Rohmer, architect Machiel Spaan, restoration architect Alenca Mulder and publicist Marit Overbeek - the design is an ode to the bus. Snijders invented a canopy made of tent canvas. This canvas hangs between a triangular steel frame attached to meter-high columns - creating the effect of a cathedral. This makes waiting a pleasure, and travelers can enjoy the interplay of infrastructure, technology, materials and form. According to the jury, the bus station is an inspiring place to hide or escape the hectic pace of everyday life.