Designer: Alex Schaub
Company name: UCCI
Discipline:  Animal Design
Studio number: Makerspace

Many species of birds are increasingly running out of good spots to nest in. If you’re looking for new neighbors who don’t intrude in your space, you might want to give these creatures a home. Our birdhouse won’t only brighten up your garden, its 32mm opening is specifically designed to offershelter to birds like the Great Tit (koolmees), the Collared Redstart(gekraagde Roodstaart) and the Pied Flycatcher (bonte Vliegenvanger). 

This birdhouse has been designed by Alex Schaub and manufactured @ Contact Amsterdam. Alex made sure to think about everything to accommodate both the birds and you in Holland’s unpredictable weather: 

  • Cnc milled form FSC certified solid oak wood and hand crafted finish
  • No metal parts used
  • Grooved interior climbing wall on the front panel
  • Front panel door opening mechanism for convenient cleaning
  • Drainage holes at the bottom for ideal ventilation
  • Ventilation holes for a healthy environment
  • Hinged hanging aid for perfect rain management
  • Hidden hanging feature for storm proof installation
  • Surface finishing with a special oil -wax compound

Note: Please be mindful of certain nesting requirements before you welcome your new neighbours. Most garden birds prefer to nest in a sheltered location. So, choose a quiet spot with sufficient vegetation, hang the house at least 2meters above the ground, make sure the opening is facing east, and keep the flight path clear.

Critical Makers Element: Why? Researching existing products

After an extensive research period into both the needs of Dutch birds and the corresponding supply in the form of bird houses, Alex had to conclude that these generally do not meet the bird’s needs. His research has shown that the common Dutch bird among other things needs a home with good ventilation, a working drainage system for the discharge of water, a slotted climbing surface, a sustainable open and close system, and the absence of metal elements. The absence of this criteria in the current offer of birdhouses has been the starting point for the development of Alex’s own birdhome design.



185 x 185 x 205 mm
3 KG
20mm massive OAK
All ages
Oiled with Swedish linseed