Laser cutter workshop

LASERCUTTER: learn the basics


Discover our laser cutter during the 2-hour private and Corona proof workshop. A machine that can ‘cut’ the most delicate shapes with a high energy focused laser beam controlled by the computer to vaporize a variety of materials, cool right? 


Although it seems complicated at first, in practice it is easy to start making your first cuts. Our lasers engrave wood, acrylics, glass, ceramics, fabrics, among others. At Contact we have two laser cutter machines: a 60W air cooled and a 100W water cooled laser cutter. During the workshop you will learn about the possibilities and limitations of this powerhouse.


The package you will be using is Illustrator. We explain how you can use Illustrator to create the most beautiful designs and how you can cut or engrave them. Of course, we will also discuss safety and maintenance of the machine, such as cleaning lenses. We will show you how it works.


Everyone can book the workshop; you don’t need any specific knowledge. But you are at an advantage if you already have knowledge of using illustrator. 


Workshop Setup

•             First you get a safety instruction

•             What types of lasers are there?

•             Tips on exhaust

•             How do you control the laser cutter?

•             We will laser a dozen objects in hard and soft wood, acrylic, plaster, concrete, glass, paper, rubber stamps.

•             Tips on preventing burns

•             Tips for keeping the speed of the laser cutter high

•             Maintenance of the laser cutter



The price for this 2-hour private workshop is € 75, - including VAT and materials, payable on the spot by pin. Students receive a 20% discount.



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