If you’re busy turning lemonade into lemons (and we mean that busy), but still want to build something your own — something only you could come up with, good news — we can do it for you.
Send us your sketch or idea and we transform it into reality - even when your idea is scribbled on a beer mat. Our team of specialists convert your sketch or idea into a producible file in no time. 

Our MAKERSPACE has all imaginable machines, such as Laser Cutters, CNC Milling Machines and 3D Printers. These are our rates excluding materials:

€50 Starting rate CNC milling and thereafter €1 per minute.
€25 Starting rate LASER cutter and thereafter €1 per minute.
€25 Starting rate 3D printer and thereafter €4 per hour.

Feel free to ask for a custom quote!

Want to use our machines yourself? 
Find all information about our Makerspace Membership here

Your on demand Laser cutter & CNC SERVICE BASED IN AMSTERDAM


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