Nick Verstand
Dec 14, 2020

Today Queen Máxima opened the work of community member Nick Verstand at the renovated Museum van de Geest in Haarlem. Nick is included in a well curated exhibition, alongside renowned artists such as Yayo Ikusama, Tracey Emin, Marc Quinnart, Marlene Dumas and many others. From our perspective, we especially like to see the great collaboration between members of the Contact Community. In this project Nick worked with Naivi and 4D Sound for the realization of this project. Resonance Room is an audiovisual installation which connects body and mind by inducing a state of resonance. In this state we feel more secure, focused and at peace. This is achieved when our breathing and heart rate synchronize: when we inhale, our heart rate accelerates and when you exhale it slows down. This increase in heart-rate variability (HRV) activates the parasympathetic part of the nervous system. This ensures that we are able to relax and absorb energy, resulting in a positive regulation of our emotional state. Resonance occurs when we breathe at a frequency of about six breaths per minute. As this differs per person, the system analyzes your heart rate variability and indicates an optimal breathing rhythm. This connection between body and mind offers a method for influencing our state of mind through our breathing. By participating, we not only explore our inner self, but also reveal and share this to others around us. This creates a space for exploring the connection between psychology and physiology. At a time when our senses are constantly overstimulated, this work creates a safe space to unwind and reconnect with ourselves.