Bespoke Leather Vase by Atelier Wolfson





Touch is your immediate way of exploring the world. It signals connection with people

and things and engenders feelings of trust. In our home and workspace we

need to surround ourselves with natural materials which benefit our mental and

physical wellbeing. From raw cotton to exposed wood -we should take moments

to touch materials that bring feelings of joy and connectedness with the natural

world as we move past them during the day.

These sculptural vessels have been mindfully created by Elaine Chan-Perryman,

here at Contact Amsterdam. From start to finish by the Artist. Every single stitch

is formed by hand, using an incredibly labour-intensive technique known as the

‘Saddle Stitch’ with two needles. A great deal of thoughtful consideration has

been taken to conserve our natural resources and reduce waste in making these

Sculptural vessels.

•No machines or electricity are used to create this piece.

•Everything is done by traditional hand techniques.

•Only three raw materials are used: natural vegetable tanned leather, natural

linen thread and bee wax. All of which are naturally biodegradable.

As opposed to the commercial leather industry, up to seven or more materials

would be used for one product, these usually include toxic glues/solvents, plastics

for reinforcements, inner linings for a more ‘finished’ look. All of which are

usually non-recyclable or biodegradable, and in fact harmful and damaging to

our planet

Critical maker study: SUSTAINABILITY

Honouring the principles of agriculture and zero waste, Atelier Wolfson never

works with leathers which are farmed exclusively for their skins, or with chrome

tanned leather. More than 90% of the world’s leather is chrome tanned. The

method was devised in 1858 as tanneries looked for ways to speed up traditional

methods and to save money. The chrome tanning process is usually achieved

by placing hides into acidic baths which consist of a mix of chemicals, which in

most cases means that the leather is no longer a natural product. These baths

create masses of toxic wastewater that when left untreated, cause huge environmental

and health impacts Atelier Wolfson works almost exclusively with natural

vegetable tanned leather provided by founding member of the ‘Consorzio Vera

Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetal’ complying with high standards of environmental,

ethical, and social sustainability. Every hide carries a globally recognized

traceable certificate printed with anti-counterfeiting techniques.

The Italian bovine hides are a by-product of food production. To the strict adherence

of the EU farming standards, the animals are humanely treated and

responsibly raised, resulting in hides of exceptional quality. No animal is killed

for its skin.


H 24 cm Ø Body 18cm Ø Base 10cm
around 50gr
all ages
Buttero - natural vegetable tanned leather (matt finish