BLOCK by Ilias Ernst

Designer: Ernst Koning
Company name: Ilias Ernst
Discipline: Product Design
Studio number:

BLOCK is based on the Faraday cage (1836): when closed up, an electro magnetic shield forms, blocking all incoming and outgoing transmissions from your smartphone. So no rrrrrrrings. Pings. Pushes. Or Likes. But time. Focus. Attention. And balance.

Critical makers element: LOCALLY MADE

BLOCK is completely designed and developed in Amsterdam. And the production is done within the Netherlands except for the rough aluminium injection which is done in Bosnia (although by a Dutch company). We also strive to use sustainable materials like the alloy ‘Alu 46000’ (for injection moulding) which is made out of 95% recycled aluminium scrap combined with a maximum of 1 to 5% of silicon, copper and iron. The inner cups are made of 100% recycled Plastic (PS) which is vacuum formed.

The packaging is made out of ‘FSC certified cardboard E-KT13’ and folded in a way that doesn’t require the use of glue. We also had a hand in the logistics between the different companies and created special transport trays to make sure the products don’t get damaged and are easy to handle while being moved from A to B.


89mm x 178mm
3mm recycled aluminum
All ages
Aluminium, powder coated