Designer: Florian Hollander
Company name: Osso Amsterdam
Discipline: Light Objects
Studio number:

This infinity mirror is designed by Florian Hollander. Like any optical illusion, it instantly grabs your attention and adds an extra dimension to any space. Ever since he was young, Florian has been interested in magic and illusions. In all his work he tries to combine illusions of light, time or weight, with symmetrical lines and shapes. Of this exact mirror only 100 will be produced and each mirror is engraved with a unique number, giving each (future) owner a one of a kind object.

Used materials:

  • Smart mirror glass
  • Walnut wood
  • Custom LED lighting
  • Engraved back panel with numbering

In the future we would like to see if we can find materials even closer to home, with timber straight from the Amsterdam forest and LED lighting that is not produced overseas.

Critical Makers Element: Locally made

At Osso we try our best to manufacture our objects as local as possible. The infinity mirror is designed in Amsterdam and manufactured in Hulst, a small town in the south of the Netherlands, in a family owned factory run by the grandson of the original owner.


15 kg
1cm thick walls
All ages
Walnut wood with smart mirror glass