TOPO.NU by Bureau AAT

Company name: TOPO.NU
Designer: BureauAat
Discipline:  Spatial Design & Education
Studio number: 11

Educational gaming – we take you on a world trip


The designers of BureauAat removed the map of Europe and The Netherlands from the wall, placed it on the floor and turned it into an educational game . This game takes you on a trip on all fours. You become #bewegenderwijs.


In addition to the much-needed moving, you also learn by feeling and the knowledge sticks #spelenderwijs. Purely because your brain gets more hooks to hang your knowledge on. Don't just learn with your head but throw your hands and feet into the fray! A five-year-old player called it “Twister with the map of Europe”


- Cloth fabric: foldable strong yet lightweight washable material mostly indented for consumer market

- Tarpaulin variant (510gr/m2)for the professional (school) market. This is sturdier, easy to roll up and washable with fire certificate B1.

Both versions come with a free online app and are printed in The Netherlands with a sustainable and environmentally friendly technique. The covers are made with help of other members of the Contact community.


Critical Makers Element: Quality by iteration

The designer Aad Kruiswijk put the map of Europa on the ground when his kids were young. They jumped around screaming all the places they knew from various holidays. A school in Noord Holland loved the idea of interactive TOPO learning and asked to prepare a test tarpaulin version of the playmat. After their feedback, Corona kicked in and schools were closed. We then decided to evolve our product into a consumer fabric version. The corona period also allowed us time to prepare on online app in order to optimize the TOPO assignments.



Scan the QR code and LETS PLAY Europe

TOPO.NU is serious fun!


Tech specs:

·       Price & Material

o  EUR 49,95 for cloth fabric

o  EUR 89,95 for tarpaulin

·       Size of playmat: 142*177cm

·       App: online tool that provides the assignments (e.g. left foot on Austria)

·      Cover: serves as caption and “cheat sheet”

·      Age: anybody above 4


142 x 177 cm
Cloth or synthetic tarp
4 and up
Packaged in a holder or zipper bag